Xrumer: white SEO

Everybody writes that XRumer is a hell of a machine and it is no good for promotion with white hat methods. Partly they are right, however if you think it over then you’ll see that such software as XRumer which, by the way, was developed by www.botmasterlabs.net can be used for promotion of white sites with not exactly white hat methods without being abused or haunted by remorse because forum admin is cross with your site.

Now let’s remind what satellite is. Satellite is a secondary content site created to promote the main site of company, product or service. It’s great to have many satellites, isn’t it?
As for me, I create a net of satellites by means of XRumer for my not so white sites (MFA and similar satellite) and some white ones, let’s be earnest, so my real satellites would get some relevance. I do it using profiles.

Profile is a place where after registration you can put some information about yourself. Screen shoot of my real (white) profile.

Meaning, it’s simply a page where you can stick your link.

Though, why am I writing this? There are lots of people who run through profiles and it is not some “know how”. Most of them have no relevance. Such profile has almost no ranking in SEO and you never know how long it will take to have it indexed. So after running through profiles I personally check the profile base received on active link.

The rest I slip into Xrumer which runs doorways topic by topic so posting comes out looking like:
Links to doorways
Links to profiles

Like a hamburger :)

I didn’t keep the track of haw many and how much, I have 100 threads per registration and 250 per posting so it is 10 000 profiles per 70 000 topics. And what if you make on average 7 links per profile?

What is 7 links for a page? Basically it’s neither much, nor little. At least backlinks pop out faster and easier. Well, you can make 10 000 profiles for 100 000 topics. And it is possible your profile at next upgrade, given your links and ranking of your main site, will get PR and upper page rank.
Imagine 10 000 profiles (satellites) that refer to you especially if some of them will get ranked? In addition, profiles unlike posting can be created on thick sites :) including those in DMOZ Yahoo catalogue. Not to mention that couple hundreds links from DMOZ won’t hurt especially relevant ones :D.

Regardless black hat methods used to increase profiles ranking the ones that linked to your site remain “clean”.

To learn a better way to create a profile to raise ranking of promoted information (since there is not much space in profile) I recommend to read “Promotion without anchors – an experiment with link text” by Devaka (sorry, but it is in Russian so use Google translator) and watch video.
I think it it’s worth adding an example of upgrading back links by means of this method.

Download video in full quality

On September 1 in bublorube club (it’s Russian SEO forum) I took for testing two sites to run them through above described outline and already in 8 days one of the sites had 500 backlinks, other one had a bit less and counting. At the moment (September, 10) first site has more then 800 Yahoo backlinks. And it’s result of running through 10 000 profiles which means 10% of links have already popped out so far which is not bad for 10 day period.
Screen shoot

Here are some reviews
Just as Heromant said, backlinks popped out in about a week (8 days), approximately 680 backlinks. Site had a bit of traffic (5-10 unique visits). Domain had the third level for almost 3 months.

Backlinks have started popping out in couple days. I’m too lazy to do screen shoots, so I’m just going to write that at the moment I have 316 (+147 for the last 24 hrs) and traffic has increased from 10 to 50 unique visits, index hasn’t go up as it had been already full. Domain is 9 months old. I have registered it myself and it is used for the first time with the doorway.


Therefore this article is not just for contest purposes only but a proved method :) and it looks like it is white even with the use of XRumer which seems to be still unfamiliar for others judging form a number of questions on different forums. regarding Xrumer purchasing.
To conclude I just want to mention the advantages of such program as XRumer over other programs.

1. The program reads hips of captures (this is a protection), both graphical and textual, and soon the learning process will go even faster:) Those who are on the BM already know why.
2. Work in multithreaded mode and distribution speed. The same Zenoposter pro even at about 150 threads will not be able to give such speed as Xrumer, sure it’s more accurate, although we don’t shoot at sparrows with a sniper rifle but blaze away with a machine gun:)
3. Almost constant upgrades up to the latest versions. Sure, upgrades don’t come out regularly, but to get through captcha is not an easy thing to do and as for me it’s almost impossible. According BM, it reads recaptcha in less then 0,5 sec, it takes me forever to do it manually. They also add new stuff to read captcha and other tough protections as well as engines. You can surprise nobody with WordPress nowadays.
4. An excellent support: to be earnest XRumer has the most helpful support. I don’t know how BM manages to achieve it but other hosts and similar companies should learn from it.
5. Apart from posting function it also has parsing. You can buy unverified base somewhere for couple hundreds dollars or you can parse it away yourself and save up, plus the result will be better.

6. There is a variety of additional functions, for example translation of text message into the forum language.
To conclude I would like to give you as a bonus one of my bases for Xrumer from video: